Tune up those guitar strings...

Build a four-piece band in this exciting and fast-paced musical card game challenge. Race to steal band members, recruit supporters and book your new band's first gig! This game is perfect to play with your friends or family! Check out the full instructions below.




All you need is the game and some people to play it! Make sure the game is played on a flat and spacious playing area that suits the size of the playing group!

Check out the video for the short instructions, or read below for the full instructions!


The goal of Band-IT is to build a new band and to use that band to play a gig (a live music performance). The first player to play a successful gig wins the game!



Start the game by shuffling all the cards together then dealing 3 cards to each player. These cards form each player’s “Hand” and should be kept private and off the table. A player’s “Hand” should not be confused with a player’s “Band”!

Next, place the deck (all unused cards) face-down in the middle of the table. Leave space for two more card piles beside the deck, which will each be created as you play the game.

Finally, choose a player to have the first turn. You’re now ready to begin!



Players take turns one at a time, with each player having a turn after the player on their right until the game is over.

On your turn, you must choose to either play a card (put down a card) or pick up a card. You cannot do both.

How these two options work is explained below.


If you choose to pick up a card on your turn, simply draw one card from the top of either the deck or the dump and add it to your Hand (the dump is explained later). You cannot choose to pick up a card if you already have 5 cards in your Hand.



If you choose to play a card, you can play any one card from your Hand. Each type of card is played differently, as explained below.


These cards can be played face-up onto the table in front of you. Once a musician is on the table, it is counted as “active” and is now a part of your Band. Every player has their own Band with their own different musicians in it, each visible to all players.

Every musician has an instrument type (either Vocals, Treble, Bass or Drums), as shown by a symbol in the top right corner of the card (Pictured). Your Band can only have one of each instrument type at any time.


If you play a musician card with an instrument type that is already in your Band, you must swap the card of the matching instrument type back into your Hand, making it no longer active.

Each musician card also has two or three skill symbols at the bottom of the card. These symbols represent the genres of music each musician is skilled at performing. Some musicians are extra skilled in a certain genre and have two of the same skill.

A Band with at least 6 matching skills is ready to play a gig and win the game!



These cards are played exactly like musician cards except that instead of musical skills, they each have a special ability written on them. So long as a support card is a part of a Band, its special ability applies to the player that owns the Band. Support abilities apply regardless of the other rules in these instructions.

Just like each instrument type, you can only have one support card in your Band at a time.



These cards are played face-up onto a pile beside the deck called the events pile. When you play an event card, you must follow the instructions on that card, even if following the instructions has no effect.

Note: If you play an event card that says to “steal” an active card, but your Band doesn’t have any card in it to “swap” with the stolen card, you can then simply steal a card without swapping.



You can use a gig venue card to play a gig and win the game!

To play a gig, simply play the gig venue card onto the event pile just like an event card. But your Band is only ready to play a gig if it has at least 6 matching skills in it (for example, 6 Metal skills).

If your Band does not have the required number of matching skills needed to play a gig, you can still play a gig venue card, but the gig flops and the card has no effect. The unsuccessful gig venue card then counts as a used event card.

If your Band does have the matching skills required when you play the gig venue card, then you win the game and the game is over!



At the end of every turn, you can dump any one character card from your Hand if you don’t want it anymore. (A character card is a musician or a support card).

To dump a card, place it face-up onto a third pile in the centre of the table called the dump.

Dumping is an optional extra action each turn, and must be done before the next player begins their turn. But remember, any player can draw the top card from the dump, so be careful what you put in it!

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