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Jof Games is a rockin' new card game outfit that makes games for everyone, whether you're a strategy master, a bunch of teens with no attention span, or just a grumpy old housekeeper. There's only the one guy to blame for all the design, illustration and rule-making here. His name's Jof, and if you don't love his games, you haven't played one yet. Check them out below!


Heroes & Wizards

Build a dream team of heroes in this strategic yet family-friendly fantasy card game, and embark on an epic quest of magic and mischief!



Band Master

Build a four-piece band, steal band members and book your band's first live gig in this exciting and fast-paced musical card game challenge.



Pizza Rush

Race to make a stack of delicious-looking pizzas in this addictive and quirky card game for players of any skill level




The land of Zaka is a treacherous place full of dangerous monsters that always seem to be at war with one another. Take control of those monsters in this fast-paced card game for all ages and abilities, and lead your monster army to victory!