Pizza Rush

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Become the greatest pizza chef!

Race to make a stack of delicious-looking pizzas in this addictive and quirky card game for players of any skill level! This simple game is great for both friends and family. Get 2 packs to play with up to 8 people! Check out the full instructions below for more details.




All you need is the game and some people to play it! Use one pack to play with 2-7 players! For 2-3 players you may wish to remove some topping cards from the deck, but this is optional.

Watch the video to see the game in action, or read below for the full instructions.


The aim of Pizza Rush is to use up your pizza toppings as quickly as possible, so you have no cards left in your hand.



Separate the topping cards (woodgrain background) from the pizza base cards and pizza chef cards (marked on their back). Shuffle the pizza base cards and place them in a stack face-down (front-side down) in the middle of the table or play area.

Next, shuffle the topping cards and deal all of them evenly to each player. These cards form each player’s “hand”. Players should order their hand and keep it secret. Finally, select some pizza chef cards and place them face-up somewhere on the table. The number of pizza chef cards selected should match the number of players playing the game.



Choose one player to draw the very first pizza base. That player must remove the top card from the pizza base stack and place it face-up beside the stack. This card forms a new pile or “pizza”. Take note of whether the pizza base says “x1” or “x2”.


The player that drew the pizza base gets to select any topping card from their hand and place it face-up on top of the pizza base. After this, players take turns to play a topping card onto the top of the pizza. Each player has their turn after the player on their right.

Players can only play a topping card onto the pizza if their card has a larger number on it than the card last played. For example, if the pizza has a capsicum card on its top (which is numbered 6), a player can only play a topping card onto it if their topping card is numbered 7 or higher.


If a player has no suitable topping cards in their hand, that player must say “pass” on their turn. Their turn is then skipped until the pizza is completed.

Players can also say “pass” on their turn even when they still have suitable topping cards in their hand. But once a player has “passed”, they are no longer allowed to play on the current pizza.

When all players have passed except for one, the final remaining player has “completed” the pizza. That player must move the pizza base and all of its toppings to the side then draw a new pizza base for all players to place toppings onto once more. As a reward for completing the pizza, that same player gets the first turn at playing a topping onto the new pizza base. After this, turns continue as they did for the first pizza.

Note: If the stack of pizza bases runs out, collect up all the used pizza base cards, shuffle them, and replace the stack.



When a “x2” pizza base is drawn, turns continue in the same way they do for “x1” pizza bases, but instead of playing one topping card at a time, players must play pairs of matching cards.


Eventually, one player will have used up all of their toppings. That player has finished their hand first and has won the round. All other players must continue making pizzas until only a single player has toppings left in their hand. The round is then over. Players should remember the order in which they finished their hands.

Note: If a player finishes their hand and completes a pizza in the same turn, the player to their left gets to draw the next pizza base.



After the round is over, players each take a pizza chef card from those selected at the beginning and place it in front of them. The more stars each chef card has, the better it is. The player who won the previous round gets to take the best available chef card as a reward. The player that finished second gets to take the second best chef card (and so on, for all players).


A new round can then begin. All new rounds follow the same instructions as the first round, except that the winner of the previous round now draws the first pizza base. Additionally, each player is now affected by the special ability written on their new chef card, which should remain in front of them. These special abilities apply no matter what the previous instructions say!


The overall winner is the player who wins the final round. A standard game has 3 rounds, but a game can be made to have any number of rounds, or can even go forever!

At the start of every new round, the selected chef cards should be swapped around according to the order in which each player finished their hand in the previous round (as explained above).



SIMPLE GAME: For a game that is easier for younger players, just play the first round and do not include the pizza chef cards.

FOR 2 PLAYERS: Do not use the “Dishie” or the “Picky Chef” cards.

WHEN COMBINING 2 PACKS: Combine 2 packs to play with 6-8 players. Only use one of each chef card when combining packs. (But for 8 players, use 2 “Classic Chef” cards.)



The Nonna: The Nonna can play a topping of an equal number to the topping beneath it (e.g. she can play basil after basil has been played by the previous player).

The Picky Chef: Can play pineapple cards, but cannot play on a pizza once a pineapple card has been played on it.


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