It's time for battle!

Take control of all sorts of monsters in this fast-paced card game for all ages and abilities, and lead your monster army to victory! This game is all about picking on your friends or family, in the friendliest way, of course! Check out the full instructions below for more.




All you need is the game and some people to play it! Make sure the game is played on a flat and stable playing area that suits the size of the playing group.

Check out the video for the short instructions, or read below for the full instructions!


To eliminate all other players by defeating their monsters and remaining in the game the longest.



Shuffle the deck and deal out 5 cards to each player, placing the deck face-down in the middle of the play area.

Each player’s 5 cards form that player’s “hand”. All players check their hands, and keep them private.

Each card is labelled as either a monster or a weapon. If a player does not have at least 3 monster cards in their hand, they must place all non-monster cards on the bottom of the deck and replace those cards with new ones from the top. Repeat this process until all players have at least 3 monster cards in their hands.

Shuffle the deck again if needed, and get ready to start battle!



Select a player to go first. After the first turn, play progresses in a clockwise manner, with each player having a turn after the player on their right. On each player’s first turn, they must place at least one monster card from their hand onto their division of the play area (which is named the battlefield from here on). No abilities can be used on any player’s first turn.



All monster cards have hearts at their base (Pictured). Hearts represent life force.

When a monster is played into the battlefield, place a red token on that monster’s final heart (bottom right-most heart). This means the monster has all of its hearts, and is at full health. When a monster takes damage, move its token backwards across the list of hearts to represent how many hearts the monster has remaining. A token on the top left heart means the monster has one heart remaining.



After the first turn, all turns follow the pattern below. The order of the following turn events cannot be changed.

1 - Play cards. A player can play (put down) up to 2 cards from their hand into their division of the battlefield. This step is optional.

Once a monster is played into the battlefield, it is called an “active” monster, and belongs to the player who played it. A red token should be placed on a monster’s hearts as soon as it is played.

2 - Use an ability. Each monster has only one ability.

On a player’s turn, they select only one of their active monsters’ abilities and use it against any single active monster of their choice (unless otherwise stated).

So turns are: Play no more than 2 cards, then use 1 ability, in that order, then the turn is over.



Many abilities are different (as stated on the cards), but the most common ability is Attack. If a monster’s Attack ability is used, the player using it damages the selected target monster by eliminating some of its hearts. The number of hearts eliminated by an ability is determined by the number of sword icons (Pictured) next to the ability’s name (such as “Attack”). This is the monster’s attack strength.

Monsters with the Rampage ability deal their allotted damage value to each of a single opponent’s active monsters.



If a monster’s hearts are reduced to zero or below, that monster is defeated, and is moved to a discard pile, face up. The player that was responsible for the final blow picks up one card from the top of the deck and places it in their hand as a reward. They cannot play the new card until it is their turn once again.

If a player no longer has any active monsters in the battlefield, they have lost, and are out of the game until the game is over (even if they have monster cards in their hand). If they still have cards in their hand, those cards are placed in the discard pile.



A weapon card cannot ever be played on its own into the battlefield. A weapon must be given to (placed beside or below) a monster card, and adds its power to theirs. (E.g. a monster of attack strength 1 with a weapon of attack strength +1 now has a total attack strength of 2)

Furthermore, a weapon can only be given to a monster of a matching weapon type (the circular weapon type symbol is in the top right corner of both weapon and compatible monster cards (Pictured)).

A weapon cannot be unjoined from a monster once played unless another monster’s special ability allows it (meaning a weapon is discarded when a monster is defeated as well). Some weapons do extra damage to monsters of a particular weapon type. A monster cannot hold more than one weapon.


If a monster holds a weapon with an “Ability” on it such as Heal or Steal, the player that owns the monster can choose to use the weapon’s ability instead of the monster’s ability on their turn.


The game ends when only one player has monsters remaining on the battlefield, and that player wins. If two players are left and cannot defeat one another, the result is a draw.


Contact Jof using the form below to clarify any rules or let him know of any details that are missing from these instructions!