Band Master

Band Master

Tune up those guitar strings...

Take control of a four-piece band in this exciting musical card game challenge. Recruit members, book gigs and win fans along the way to becoming the greatest band master! This game is perfect to play with your friends or family. Check out the full instructions below for more.





All you need is the game and some people to play it! The picture shows what the game might look like once it has started. Make sure the game is played on a flat and spacious playing area that suits the size of the playing group!


To build and manage your own musical band, while gaining the most fans for your band. The winner is the first player whose band has 10 fans, or the player whose band has the most fans when the final card is drawn from the deck.



Locate and remove the four Gig Venue cards from the deck (marked on their back). Shuffle the remainder of the deck well and deal 3 cards to each player. These cards form each player’s ‘hand’, and should be kept secret from all other players.

Place the deck face-down in the middle of the table (or flat game area), then arrange the Gig Venue cards face-up around it (so all four of them can be seen).

Finally, each player should make sure they have an allocated empty space in front of them for their band (4 cards maximum) and a separate space for their stack of fans (10 cards maximum). Exactly how these spaces are arranged is up to the players.

At the beginning of the game, your band and your fan stack will have no cards in them.

Select a player to have the first turn. After the first turn, turns progress in a clockwise manner.



Each turn, you must choose between 3 actions: pick up, put down, or book/play a gig. You can only choose one action on your turn.


Draw the top card from the deck and add it to your hand. You cannot choose this option if you have 3 cards in your hand.



Place (put down) one card from your hand onto the table. Each type of card can be used differently, as explained below.


These cards can be placed into your fan stack. The genre icons at their base represent the styles of music each fan ‘likes’ to listen to. When arranging your fans into your fan stack, make sure each fan’s genres remain clearly visible to the other players. Remember, when you have 10 fans in your fan stack, you win (even if your band is empty)!



These cards can be placed either into your band or your fan stack. Each musician has a band role (either Vocals, Treble, Bass or Drums), as shown by a symbol in their top right corner (Pictured).

You can only add one musician of each band role into your band, meaning your band holds a maximum of 4. Once a musician is placed into your band, they become a band member. Each band member also has genre icons at their base. These genres represent the styles of music each band member is good at performing.

If you cannot fit a musician into your band (or don’t want to), you can place it into your fan stack instead. If a musician is in a fan stack, it will count as a fan, not a band member. Because of this, remember to keep your band and fan stack clearly separate.



These cards can only be used once each. When you use one, place it face-up in a separate pile of used event cards, and follow the instructions on the card.

Note: When using the Talent Scout event card, band members can only be swapped if the both band members to be swapped are allowed to fit in their new bands.



This option takes 2 turns to complete.


Select a Gig Venue card from those available in the centre of the table, and place it next to your band. This venue is now ‘booked’ for your band to play a gig (a live music performance) at on your next turn.

Note: After you have booked a gig venue, you have no choice other than to play a gig at your booked venue on your next turn.



Each gig venue favours only one musical genre (either Pop, Rock, Metal or Jazz). To determine how well your band performs at your booked gig venue, count the total number of the appropriate favoured genre icons (Pictured) that your band members posses, all together. This is the number of fans your band will attract by playing the gig. Next, select that amount of fans from the fan stacks of other players, and add them to your own fan stack. You can only take fans that ‘like’ the gig venue’s favoured genre.

Note: If there are not enough fans of the correct genre, you can only take as many as are available.

Once you have taken the fans, return the Gig Venue card to the centre of the table. It is no longer booked.

Example: Your band plays a gig at the Metal Room. Your band has 2 members and a total of 3 metal icons between them. This means you attract 3 fans of metal. You decide to take 2 from one player, and 1 from another.



At the end of your turn, you can send musicians from your fans to your band (so long as they fit), or swap a band member with a musician in your fan stack. You cannot send a band member to your fans without swapping a musician back in at this time. After your turn is finished, the next player has their turn. Turns continue until the game is won, and one player is declared the band master.


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